Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Subjects This Semester II

Hey everyone! This week is a very crucial week for all UiTM's students. Everyone is busy preparing for the final examinations. My paper starts on the 30th of October and it is in 3 days time. To end our BEL 311 course, we were asked to talk about out subjects this semester part 2.

1. CTU 241

This is an Islamic subject which is a compulsory subject taken by all part 3 students. At first my lecturer was Ustaz Kamarulzaman but somehow after a months we were changed to attend Uztaz Nawawi's class. The difference between both lecturers are Ustaz Kamarulzaman is very straight in teaching where as Ustaz Nawawi is very flexible and also funny. Class with Ustaz Nawawi will always be fun and joyful. He will always make jokes and even make a fool out of himself. As for this subject there is only one test to be taken unlike other subjects which comes with 2 or 3 tests. Our test were done inside the classroom last two weeks by Ustaz himself. The questions were very hard but I managed to think outside the box be creative with my answers. What I think about this subject is that it is easy to score but all you have to do is memorize all the facts and understand it very well. Lastly, our final paper for this subject is on the 4th of November. So all the best to everyone who is taking this paper!

2. BAB 101

Well, this is one of my least favourite subject for this semester! I wanted to take Mandarin as my foreign language class but some seniors said it is very hard to score. So my friends and I decided to take Arab. My lecturer for this subject is the famous lecturer, Ustaz Syazali. He will always come into the class and tell stories about his past and what he has done to improve himself. Sometimes I do get sleepy but I guess he just love to talk! Where as for this subject, there is no final paper needed but to evaluate the students, they were asked to do a final project which is a 15 minutes Arabic movie. I was teamed up with Hasinah, Siti, Frankie and Evra. Our movie was about 'Birthday Celebration'! It took us two days to complete this project. Even though it was very tiring doing this project but it we did had a great time doing it. It is definitely one of the good times I enjoyed much in UiTM. I hope I can achieve good marks for this paper because I know we did work very hard for the project.

3. BEL 311

This is one of my favourite subject. I have loved English since playschool I think. English is a very important language to master. My lecturer for BEL 311 is Sir Izuan. He is a very strict person. He does not like people to come in to class late or hand in the work late. Overall, he is a nice person and all our activities that he has done for us has been very great! I think all of us enjoyed 'Show and Tell' and our little 'Raya Party'. So, this semester English does not really focus on grammar. BEL 311 is mostly about writing. This is everyone in my class is asked to blog about certain topics. This will definitely help to improve our writing skills. My favourite blog entry was 'Ten Facts You May Not Know'. For this subject there are three type of assessments, which are speaking test, blog entries and participation in class. But we still have our final paper for this subject which is my first final paper. I hope I'll get an A for this subject!

4. ECO 211

This is also one of my favourite subject for this semester. The lecturer for this subject, PM Abdullah is also one of my favourite lecturers. He is good at teaching all of us. He will explain every single thing. He will make us understand what is Macroeconomics very well! I scored bot of my tests for this subject. The first test I achieved 84% and I was the highest, where as for the second test I achieved 80%. I used to dislike Economics but since this semester I am liking it. I used to think it is very hard to understand and it seems very complicated to me. But I was totally wrong. I hope I will score this paper very well.

5. FIN 262

Somehow this is also one of my favourite subject this semester. FIN 262 stands for Fundamental of Finance which means the introduction to Finance. My lecturer for FIN 262 is En. Syam which is also a very good lecturer in UiTM Johor. He is very well known by everyone. Unfortunately, he quit teaching last month to further his PhD in America. But he did finish all our syllabus and taught us very well even though it was quick. En. Syam is also a very strict person. He does not like his students to talk while he is teaching or giving lectures. For this paper it consists of two tests. My first test I achieved 93% and for my second test I achieved 88%. I though this is one of the killer subjects! But I was again wrong, all I needed was to practice to understand the concept very well. So, I really do hope I'll get an A for FIN 262 because it require 4 credit hours.

6. QMT 216

This is somehow one of the subject that I don't really favour. A particular topic in this subject which is probability made me not to really like it. But whatever it is, I still have to face it. At first, my lecturer was Ms. Arfah but then after a month plus there were some new lecturers came in. So, my class was took over by a new lecturer, Sir Zaki. He is definitely the most strict lecturer I have ever met. Most of us are very afraid of him. Then, this subject is totally calculation and formulas. I am not really good at calculation. For this paper it consists of two tests. For my first test I achieved 74% and for second test I have not receive the marks. I really hope I'll try my very best to score this paper.

7. HKB 112

Lastly, my curriculum subject which is Drama level 1. My lecturer for this subject is En. Naza. He is a very flexible and a nice person. For this subject I am the 'class rep'. My friends and I helped to design t-shirts for this curriculum subject. En. Naza was pleased with our work. For Drama, there are few assessments required. We were asked to read scripts and act it out. It was interesting to see yourself acting. I did had fun acting. Then, for 'Hari Anugerah' last two weeks, I won the 'Siswi Terbaik Untuk Ko-Kurikulum Kebudayaan'. Unfortunately, I was not in campus on that time. So, Azlin took it for me. I hope I'll get good marks for this subject as it is my last semester taking curriculum subjects.

So, I guess that is it for this semester. I really do hope everyone had a good time reading all my entries. All the best for the finals and do take care. Bye bye!