Monday, August 24, 2009

My Favourite Tag Line

Hello readers, before I get started on telling all of you about this week's entry, I would like to wish all Muslims Happy Ramadhan! This week I am going to talk about my favourite tag line, which is:

Firstly, do not all of you think it is true, 'Nothing is impossible?' I certainly think it is very true because as we were growing up or even now that we are young adults, we still can not help but dream. We may dream of becoming a famous athlete, a celebrity, a singer and even a fashion designer. We dream of being the president of our very own company. We dream of having our very own family. We dream of traveling to exotic destinations.

Everyone has dreams, even I do. So, dreaming is but a normal activity in the lives of the people all over the world. After all, it is free to dream. But the thing is dreams should not remain only in our heads. They should become a reality, otherwise they continue to live at the back of our minds forever trapped in the midst of our thoughts. Even so, no matter how we perceive our dreams to be unreachable they are not at all impossible to achieve. It is different for different people. Others may experience passing through a smooth paved road as they move forward towards reaching their goals. On the other hand, the road to making our dreams into a reality may be quite a bumpy one, with frequent stops, missed exits and road blocks.

Of course, it is important to set realistic goals and plan you courses of action in reaching those goals. I have always believed that setting a time frame really helps. Do not pressure yourself too much and take every step of the journey with the will to survive. As long as we do our best in everything that we do, our goals are within our reach. As long as we believe in ourselves and have the will power, the courage and the strength to move on despite all the odds, we can become successful with our dreams.

To conlude this favourite tag line of mine, do dream and make it a reality because 'Nothing is impossible!'

Monday, August 17, 2009

My New Album

This week's entry is very interesting. Everyone is asked to talk about their new album. Firstly, let me give an introduction of this new album of mine. My album is called 'Endless Room'. Basically, this new album gives a new perception to life and myself. Yesterday was history, tomorrow is the future. This album is mostly things are going in and out of my life. I dedicate this album to all my loved ones, may everyone get what I am trying to say.
Album : Endless Room
Artist : Liyana Nazri

1. Hero

This song is about each one of us is our own heroes. We should not depend on others and we should be our own heroes. Each one of us should be proud of our capability rather than the people around us.

2. Love Kills

Everybody needs a little time to heal a broken heart. It is true love kills and it hurts badly. This song means that all you girls need to do is take your time and dry your eyes. There are other great things waiting for you out there. You just got to get up and realize it!

3. Kali Pertama

It reminds me when the first time I walked by is the first time he caught my eyes. I knew it was him for the rest of my life. It is a mixture of Malay and English lyrics. Kali pertama is a personal favourite of mine. It means a lot to me.

4. Sugarberry, 1988

It is a story about a little girl who loves to eat this lolly called 'Sugarberry'. She would do anything just to have the lolly. That was 21 years ago. The question is would she do the same thing to have her Sugar?

5. It Feels So Right

It is about you may think it is right, it is sweet but you have to go while it lasted. You have to play your cards right and do not wait for nobody. With a little charm and risk, you'll get there one day.

6. White Rose

This song is called 'White Rose' because it is my favourite flower ever. It is about, just picture yourself as a rose and your thorns that you have grown are for your defense in life. You just need to give yourself a chance to grow and you will surely glow.

7. Choices

This song is about giving in for the battle between him and her. They were never born to give a choice on which path to take. It is all fated for them.

8. Cream

Cream is a song about cream which is a food that girls would love during heartbreaks. Anything that has to do with cream is the answer to all questions to every heartbreak.

9. I Am Giving You Too Much

This is a song about when you try your best to give everything yet in the end you get nothing.

10. Last All Night

This song basically reminds me of not finding love tonight but just to have a good time. It is definitely for all my loved ones who have been through a lot with me. Thus, I'll make this time last all night.

Lastly, thank you to everyone for lending me your ears. Thank you for all the love and the support. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ten Facts You May Not Know

Hello hello! Starting this week, the theme for our entries is Celebrity! Therefore, this week we are asked to talk about ten facts about ourselves. So, here goes ten facts about Liyana bt Nazri.

1. I am a year younger than everyone in my batch.
This is so true! You may not believe it but I am a year younger than all of you. Well, my parents enrolled me into Standard 1 when I was only six years old. This is because I started going to kindergarten when I was three. Usually kids start kindergarten at the age of four. So, three years of kindergarten was definitely boring for me. This is why I started Standard 1 early plus I was in a private school. There is no certain age required to start primary school at a private school.

2. I used to be the only child for 16 years.
I have always wanted a little brother or a little sister. I kept on asking my mother for one and the only thing my mother could reply was, "Do you think it's easy to make one? Babies are not toys!" So, one evening while my parents and I were having our scrumptious 'roti canai', my father asked me, "Nana, is it alright if you're no longer the only child?" When I heard that I screamed and smiled! I knew my mother was pregnant, I was fifteen at that moment. I have never been that happy. At last, after all these years. I am no longer lonely. I am no longer the weird girl without a sibling. So, on 26th February 2007 at 3.01pm my mother gave birth to a chubby little boy named Johan bin Nazri. I could not be at the hospital during the labour, I was in school. After school ended, I rushed to the hospital and the first thing I did was I kissed my mother. I was so happy that I cried. So, it is true what people say, miracles do happen! You just have to wait for it.

3. I have always wanted to be Cinderella.
"Cinderella! Cinderella!" shouted the ugly step sister. Those words were my favourite line when I was a little girl. I used to asked my mother to play the role of the step sister. I used to think myself being Cinderella, being happy in my own world, at last I would marry the handsome prince and live happily every after. I bet every single one of you, used to have your childhood fantasies. Cinderella was definitely my favourite one. Especially the glass slippers! If only, I had one. That's what I thought when I was little. But today, fantasies do come true, if only you work hard for it.

4. I can not wait to be a Mummy!
Firstly, do not get me wrong. I just love babies! I think babies are the only creatures that you can never say no to. It does not matter whether the baby is white or black. Babies are world's greatest creatures ever created. I can not wait to have my own one day. I wish I could have a team of football players or a row of ballerina dancers. Unfortunately, I do not get it why some of them are throwing babies at toilets, public places and even in rubbish bins. There a lot of others who can not conceive, you should be lucky you can.

5. I hate rats.
Rattus or rats are creatures I will always say no to. Even if its a metre away from me, even if its in the next room, I'd still get all jumpy. I can never believe why some people in Asian countries eat rats. Rats are the most filthy and hideous looking animals. One day, when I was on a holiday in Bali, we were in this exotic restaurant and the sign on the door said it was pork-free. Back then in the 90's, searching for a 'halal' restaurant in Bali was not easy, the only choice left was pork-free. At the restaurant, after the waiter took our orders. Suddenly, came another waiter bringing a big silver bowl to a table full of Chinese. My mum said she heard something was squeaking, when my dad turned back to the table full of Chinese, it was unbelievable! The big silver bowl was full of baby rats! Right after that, my whole family left the restaurant and promised if we had to eat bread or even instant noodles for a week, we would!

6. Unexpected music genre of mine.
You may think I am the girl who only listens to Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey or even Pitbull. You are definitely wrong. I love listening to Deep Purple, The Ramones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, Muse, The Kooks, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Joan Jett and of course The Beatles. Some of my favourite songs are like My Sharona, Smoke On The Water and Juicebox.

7. I prefer to talk to animals, because they don't judge.
Its true animals don't judge but people do. As for the old saying, 'Don't judge a book by it's cover!' Judging people was never appropriate. Unless, judging is done properly. Careful as in do it humbly and make sure you are not guilty of the same action you are judging. In other words, don't throw stones from glass houses. Unfortunately judging has been a part of racism nowadays. Racism is a sickness. This is why I prefer animals better than humans. Animals don't mind whether you're white or black, tall or short, thin or fat, sane or insane. Animals don't brand the nature but humans do.

8. I write poems.
I may not be the most romantic or sophisticated girl you ever met but I do write poems. Some may express what they feel through songs, lyrics or stories. But in my case, I sometimes say it through poems. It does not matter whether I am sad, happy or even neutral. Here is one of the poems I wrote.

I'm Addicted

You are like one drop of wine

Like one tick of a watch

You are the sun going up

The moon in the twilight

I can never have just one sip of you

For I am addicted I could never taste the sweet nectar

and never savor your loves flavor

You are addictive

Your voice mesmerizes and remains in my mind

Your smile is brighter than an early morning sun

Don’t let me sip

I’m Addicted

9. I am always hungry.
I don't get it why people never have time to eat. Food is one of god's greatest invention! I have a big appetite. I do not eat a lot per meal but I am always hungry. I love exotic foods like Indian food. It does not matter whether it is a fine dining restaurant or 'mamak' stall. I can eat anything anytime any day.

10. I can't believe I am still surviving in Segamat until today.
Segamat was never in my list of choice to further my studies after high school. I've always thought my parents would let me study anywhere near home. Somehow, I received a letter from UiTM that I was offered a course in UiTM Segamat. At that moment I have not applied any college in Kuala Lumpur. So, my parents decided to send me here just to see how will I do. I was never in a boarding school, I never went for a school camp, I was never away from home. Try to imagine a girl like me surviving in Segamat! The whole family was terrified when my parents told them the news. I knew no one had the faith in me apart from my parents. So I told myself I was going to prove them wrong. Alhamdulillah, I am still breathing happily untill this second, I am getting good grades so far and I have not done anything stupid. I guess a change was never bad after all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Classmates This Semester

Dear readers, this week I am going to talk about my D3D2 classmates. Most of them are my classmates since Part 1. So I have known them for a quite some time. Well, do enjoy reading this week's entry!


1. Hafiz is known as Mok or Bob. He is a chubby boy. Mok is a smart boy who is good with calculation subjects! Mok is closed to Zaki because they have known each other since high school.

2. Dhamiri is the funniest boy in class. Everyone calls him Mi for short. Dhamiri loves to wear tight shirts to class. It is pretty funny for a boy to wear it.

3. Afiq is too fair for a boy. He comes from Johor. Don't you think people from Johor are not suppose t be that fair? Well, I think Afiq looks like a little boy. Somehow Afiq is not that talkative in class.

4. Zaki is one of the smartest boy in my class. He looks simple but actually he is very brilliant. He loves to tease people in class. Zaki has a curly hair with a dark skin and skinny body. He also wears glasses and he has a lot of pimples!

5. Kashfi is the tallest boy in our class. He is from Kuala Lumpur. Everyone calls him Kash for short. Kash loves sports especially football.

6. Evra is my new classmate this semester. Honestly, I am not sure what is his real name. Everyone calls him Evra for short because they say he looks like the football player, Evra. Evra is quite short for a guy. He has a dark skin and skinny body.

7. Frankie is the most interesting boy in our class. His real name is Hafiz bin Ahmad. I am not sure why everyone calls him Frankie. He is definitely clumsy. He is always nervous when he is asked to talk out loud in class.

8. Shukri is also one of my new classmate this semester. Shukri's nickname is Shuk. He is a tall boy with a very skinny body. Shuk seems nice and smart.


1. Suatika is a girl with a mole on her nose. Her body is medium size and she's not tall, not short. Her voice is very soft and she is definitely quiet. She does not talk that much in class, she only talks with her circle of friends.

2. NurLeen has been my classmate since I was in Part 1. She is from Kuala Lumpur. I think her dad's name, Mahamahpoyi is very unique. Everyone calls her Leen in class. Leen i s a girl with a very loud voice unlike her friend, Suatika. She will always speak out unique opinions during classes and I think that's one of her best personality. I admire her for her bravery.

3. Anis seems like a shy girl in class but some say she is actually quite talkative outside. I don't know but I love when Anis smiles. Even though I rarely have conversations with her but I think she is a very sweet person.

4. Nadiah is one of the clumsy girls in my class. It is funny when she gets clumsy, I just love to tease her! Everyone calls Nadiah, Nad for short. Nad has a slender body and she wears 'tudung'. Plus, Nad is very good in Arabic. Everyone will always refer to her in Arabic class.

5. Khairunissa is one of the fairest girl in my class. Her father is American but I think she looks more Arabic. She has a very soft voice. She is very a humble and quite person. It is so hard to see her speak out in class. Well, this is our second semester having classes together but it is still so hard for me to hear her voice.

6. Hazwani is also one of the quiet girls in my class! Everyone calls her Wani for short. Wani is a smart girl. Even though she does not really share a lot of opinions or speak out loud in class but she's brilliant.

7. Siti Sarizah is one of the tallest girl in my class. She has a dark skin and long black hair but she is a girl who wears 'tudung'. She is a girl with a very big appetite, but still her body never gets fat. She has a very slender body. Siti is staying in the same college as me which is Sempana Alam Buana. Siti is very loud and she loves to tease people but she can also be a drama queen at times.

8. Hasinah the teddy bear of the class is one of my close friends in UiTM Segamat. I knew her since the first day I stepped into UiTM. She is a chubby girl and she looks like Chinese. Everyone calls her Sinah. She is a very easy going person, she's not fussy but sometimes she can be very lazy.

9. Surriyah is also one of those girls who is staying in the same college as me. Surriyah is quite tall and she wears 'tudung'. Her nickname is Sue. She can always be seen with Yana and Mira. Sue is never afraid to try to talk in English.

10. Faina is Ila's good friend. They are inseparable. Faina is quite chubby and she wears 'tudung'. Faina does not really talk much in class. She will only talk to her friends. Faina is I dont really know Faina that well but she has been a lovely classmate.

11. Liyana, a girl who has the same name as mine and to differentiate between the both us is by our nicknames. My nickname is Lana and hers is Yana. Well, she is a very fair girl because her family is from Kelantan. She is a small girl who wears 'tudung'. One thing I know about Yana is that she loves to giggle a lot!

12. Hasrita is a very small girl. Her nickname is Ita. She has a twin who looks exactly like her. She does not really talk much in class. Ita is also a very determine girl, if she wants something, she will work hard for it.

13. Hidayah is very talkative and she never gets tired asking questions in class. Everyone calls her Dayah for short. Dayah is a small girl with a very skinny body. One thing I notice about her is that she loves to wear dark eye liner!

15. Fadzilah is a very fashionable girl. She is very skinny and she wears glasses and 'tudung'. You can see her bringing different bags or wearing different clothes most of the time. Everyone calls her Ila for short.

16. Syima is definitely a quiet girl. It is just so hard to hear voice! I cant really describe her because she doesnt really mix around with the rest but to me she seems lovely.

17. Amirah is a very loud girl! She just love to talk and laugh a lot! You can always see her talking to her friends in class. She is quite chubby and not that tall.