Monday, August 24, 2009

My Favourite Tag Line

Hello readers, before I get started on telling all of you about this week's entry, I would like to wish all Muslims Happy Ramadhan! This week I am going to talk about my favourite tag line, which is:

Firstly, do not all of you think it is true, 'Nothing is impossible?' I certainly think it is very true because as we were growing up or even now that we are young adults, we still can not help but dream. We may dream of becoming a famous athlete, a celebrity, a singer and even a fashion designer. We dream of being the president of our very own company. We dream of having our very own family. We dream of traveling to exotic destinations.

Everyone has dreams, even I do. So, dreaming is but a normal activity in the lives of the people all over the world. After all, it is free to dream. But the thing is dreams should not remain only in our heads. They should become a reality, otherwise they continue to live at the back of our minds forever trapped in the midst of our thoughts. Even so, no matter how we perceive our dreams to be unreachable they are not at all impossible to achieve. It is different for different people. Others may experience passing through a smooth paved road as they move forward towards reaching their goals. On the other hand, the road to making our dreams into a reality may be quite a bumpy one, with frequent stops, missed exits and road blocks.

Of course, it is important to set realistic goals and plan you courses of action in reaching those goals. I have always believed that setting a time frame really helps. Do not pressure yourself too much and take every step of the journey with the will to survive. As long as we do our best in everything that we do, our goals are within our reach. As long as we believe in ourselves and have the will power, the courage and the strength to move on despite all the odds, we can become successful with our dreams.

To conlude this favourite tag line of mine, do dream and make it a reality because 'Nothing is impossible!'

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  1. Look at the last paragraph. Wrong spelling of 'conclude'.

    I totally agree with your conclusion.