Monday, August 17, 2009

My New Album

This week's entry is very interesting. Everyone is asked to talk about their new album. Firstly, let me give an introduction of this new album of mine. My album is called 'Endless Room'. Basically, this new album gives a new perception to life and myself. Yesterday was history, tomorrow is the future. This album is mostly things are going in and out of my life. I dedicate this album to all my loved ones, may everyone get what I am trying to say.
Album : Endless Room
Artist : Liyana Nazri

1. Hero

This song is about each one of us is our own heroes. We should not depend on others and we should be our own heroes. Each one of us should be proud of our capability rather than the people around us.

2. Love Kills

Everybody needs a little time to heal a broken heart. It is true love kills and it hurts badly. This song means that all you girls need to do is take your time and dry your eyes. There are other great things waiting for you out there. You just got to get up and realize it!

3. Kali Pertama

It reminds me when the first time I walked by is the first time he caught my eyes. I knew it was him for the rest of my life. It is a mixture of Malay and English lyrics. Kali pertama is a personal favourite of mine. It means a lot to me.

4. Sugarberry, 1988

It is a story about a little girl who loves to eat this lolly called 'Sugarberry'. She would do anything just to have the lolly. That was 21 years ago. The question is would she do the same thing to have her Sugar?

5. It Feels So Right

It is about you may think it is right, it is sweet but you have to go while it lasted. You have to play your cards right and do not wait for nobody. With a little charm and risk, you'll get there one day.

6. White Rose

This song is called 'White Rose' because it is my favourite flower ever. It is about, just picture yourself as a rose and your thorns that you have grown are for your defense in life. You just need to give yourself a chance to grow and you will surely glow.

7. Choices

This song is about giving in for the battle between him and her. They were never born to give a choice on which path to take. It is all fated for them.

8. Cream

Cream is a song about cream which is a food that girls would love during heartbreaks. Anything that has to do with cream is the answer to all questions to every heartbreak.

9. I Am Giving You Too Much

This is a song about when you try your best to give everything yet in the end you get nothing.

10. Last All Night

This song basically reminds me of not finding love tonight but just to have a good time. It is definitely for all my loved ones who have been through a lot with me. Thus, I'll make this time last all night.

Lastly, thank you to everyone for lending me your ears. Thank you for all the love and the support. Cheers!

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  1. Very interesting song choices. What happened to the cover?