Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life Being A Senior

Hello precious readers, I hope all of you have enjoyed reading my previous posts. Just so everyone knows, the whole UiTM is having our advance mid semester break due to the latest unstoppable virus, H1N1. This virus has been spreading all over the world and it can cause death. So to everyone do take care of yourselves. Well, even we are on our break, I still have few tasks to do.

First of, this week I am going to tell you how does it feel being a senior in college! Honestly, I do not feel myself as a senior. This is because I am 18 this year and my age is the same as the freshies this semester. When I was in Part 1, there were only two juniors in my wing. At first, I was terrified but after two or three weeks, things went normal. So when I was a junior back then, all the juniors were encouraged to smile at every single person we bump into. It is a must to all juniors!

Somehow, when I am a senior now, I do not think seniority in college is necessary. It will only lead to unwanted social problems such as bully, chaos and fights especially among boys. Being a senior in this semester does not really feels that much different compared to previous semesters. To me, it does not matter whether I am a senior or a junior. The most important thing is we have to respect each other and treat everyone equally.

Well, seniority means respecting the elders. But this term has been misused by seniors in college. They tend to use the seniority power to take control of issues or decisions and even some use it for their own good. With this seniority power also, some seniors create uncertified rules and some of them even group the juniors into cliques. This is why I never think myself as a senior and even if I do, I will not take it for granted.

I guess this is it for this week, have a good holiday everyone :)

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