Thursday, July 30, 2009

Subjects This Semester

Hello readers! Honestly, I am pretty lazy to do anything this semester break. I just want to stay at home, watch tv and eat! That would be the perfect break for us university students. Unfortunately, I still have one task due this week which is my fourth entry for BEL311, subjects I am taking this semester. Well, altogether there are seven subjects I am taking this semester, which are CTU241, BAB101, BEL311, ECO211, FIN262, QMT216 and HKB112. So this week I would like to brief everyone on these seven subjects I am currently taking.

Firstly, CTU241 which stands for 'Asas Ekonomi Islam'. This is an Islamic related subject which require 2 credit hours. The syllabuses in this subject are related to Islamic's economy since ages ago until now. Islamic economic differs from conventional's economy is many ways. Islamic's first rule of economy is based on Al-Quran and An-Sunnah. The lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Nawawi. Well, he is very funny and he is not strict at all. He is simply an easy going person.

Secondly, the foreign language class which is BAB101. Surprisingly, I am taking Arab instead of Mandarin! I think Arab is a unique language and Mandarin is very common these days. At first I wanted to take Mandarin but too think of it, bit by bit the world has been injected with Islamic views lately. This is good for me to communicate with the world in the future. Plus, it is an advantage if I work in Arab countries. My lecturer for Arab is Ustaz Syazali Effendi. He does not teach that much but he loves to talk about his experience when he was young.

Thirdly, BEL311 which stands for is my third semester taking English in UiTM. This semester is different from the other two semesters because BEL311 focuses on writing. This is because at the end of the semester most of our carry marks are base on a mini research called 'term paper'. So, my partner and I chose to do research on 'How To Manage Your Finance Since Young'. Some of the materials that we used are like books called 'Rich Dad Smart Dad' and 'The Millionaire Mind'. Well, my lecturer for BEL311 is Mr. Izuan Ismail. In class, he will always remind us on the importance of writing well in English.

Fourthly, ECO211 which stands for Macroeconomics. This subject only require three credit hours and it is a subject totally all about economics of the world but Macroeconomics is more to studying the aggregate behaviour of the entire economy. Whereas, Microeconomics studies individual economic units in detail. To master Macroeconomics, you have to understand what Microeconomics is all about.

Fifthly, FIN262 which stands for Fundamentals of Finance. This subject require four credit hour and this makes it my hardest subject this semester. FIN262 is a subject that combines theory and calculation which makes it a mixture of Accounts and Economics subjects. At first, I thought it was a really hard subject but after awhile it only takes focus and a lot of exercises to master it. I hope I'll get an A for this subject!

Sixthly, QMT216 which stands for Introduction to Statistics. This subject require three credit hour and this is totally a calculation subject. Statistic is one part of the subject, Mathematics. To score this paper, I need to do a lot of exercises and never forget the formulas. This is my second Mathematics subject for my course. The lecturer, Miss Arfah is a new lecturer in UiTM Segamat. This is her second semester teaching here.

Lastly, HKB112 which stands for Drama which is my last co-curriculum subject. Last semester I took Public Speaking and I did well for it. I chose Drama because I have an experience in traditional dance. Plus, Drama does not involve any sport or outdoor activities, it is more to indoor activities. My lecturer for this subject is En.Naza, who used to be an assistant director of short dramas in Kuala Lumpur. He is a young lecturer who is funny and a laid back person. So I guess, that is it for tonight. Goodbye!

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  1. You didn't mention:

    1) The assessments for each of the seven subjects.

    2) What are the lecturers like.

    3) There are no proper paragraphing starting from BEL311.